CORE is a multi-purpose, state of the art community center in Tai Po Kau. Here, you get to connect with your peers, learn something new, expand your opportunities, all while having fun! With great services and facilities, children and grown-ups alike can always find a new activity to participate in at our Recreation Centre.



What is Aqua Park

Aqua Park intends to be the cutting edge of Aquatic fun and games in Hong Kong! As the inflatable water park market continues to explode around the world, Core will create a fun and exciting adventure play ground for summer entertainment. It will boast huge water slides, trampoline style devices, slip and slide runways and lots of other attractions suitable for everyone. 


The Biggest Inflatable Park in HK


The Only Two Tower Cable in HK


All You Can Eat BBQ with Lake View


Something you should know

Conditions of Entry

1. Children who are at least 1 meter tall allowed

    to entry the Aqua Park


2. Children who under 12 years old must be

    supervised by an adult at all times  


3. maximum 3 children under the supervision of 

    1 adult    


4. Basic swimming skills are a requirement of entry

    to the Aqua Park

5. People who pregnant, with heart or health

    problems or pre-existing injuries especially

    Knees, ankles and neck are advised they should

    not use the park.


6. The park must never be used under the influence

    of alcohol or medication


7. All guests are required to sign a waiver before

    you entry the Aqua Park and we require a parent

    or guardian (over 18) to sign for under 18s.

Safety Rules You

Must Follow

1.  The park is only for use during public opening

     hours when lifeguards are on duties

2.  You must follow instructions given to you by

     staffs and lifeguards


3.  Must wear the Core 's supplied life Jacket at all

     time and must not be removed


4. Remove watches, jewelries or others shape

    objects before you entry the park. You will not

    be able to find them back once they are drop into

    the lake.


5.  No swimming or diving under all Aqua Park items

6.  Leave space between the people in front. Look

     before you jump


7.  Always slide with your feet facing water   

     and move out of the landing areas immediately.

8.  Do not jump from the trampoline or slides

9.  No swearing, be respectful of others and be safe

     to ensure do not injure yourself and  

     others at all time.


10. Have Fun and enjoy!!


*Core HK reserves the right to ask patrons who are not adhering to the rules above or acting un-safely to leave the park without any compensation.


Come Visit Us

Aqua Float Park 


Cable Wakeboard


Lake View Barbecue

Only Saturday, Sunday 

13:00 - 17:00 & 18:00 - 23:00

Where we are


2 Hung Lam Dr. Tai Po Kau Hong Kong


Aqua Float ParK: 24653468
Cable Wakeboarding : 64652510


2 Hung Lam Dr. Tai Po Kau Hong Kong